Native Immigrant Exhibit is a collection of 30 paintings and three installations that will develop throughout the exhibit.

Native Immigrant Exhibit Montreal

Native Immigrant Exhibit Montreal

A proposition for a new visual language that speaks of our future as one
— Team Native Immigrant

The Project

The project is inspired by the art of Norval Morrisseau (known as the “Picasso of the North”) – an Aboriginal Canadian Artist and shaman whose work depicted cultural and political tension.

“Morrisseau realized that his own people lacked a visual image that could empower them and I realized that us immigrants also lack such an image.” says Carolina

Banning of religious icons doesn’t really address the reality of a the modern cultural landscape made up of a community of immigrants. We need a visual representation of the reality of who we are.
— Carolina Echeverria

Carolina’s paintings are a link from the aboriginal art of her native country (Chile) and that of her adopted home Canada.  Carolina’s paintings strive to create a visual language of who we are and to imagine a collective and inclusive future for Canada, based on a sense of community, not nationality.  Her goal with this collection, 3 years in the making, is to continue the spirit of Morrisseau’s work:  to paint and make others feels happy with vibrant colors and love for the land.

Immigrant Dress

A naked mannequin planted in a pot of indigenous earth with Echeverria’s plants awaits all those who are interested to participate in a collective dress making activity.  The artist will lead daily sessions of dress making incorporating donated objects of sentimental multicultural value.  This interactive public dress making activity will allow for conversations about immigration, our mutual connections as “Native Immigrants” and the people of this Uncertain Nation.

Creating PRESENCE with ABSENCE.  Bring or mail a piece of fabric, Carolina will cut a little piece of it and stitch it to the dress and keep the original fabric with its empty space as a symbol of absence.

How to Participate:  Starting October 24th, join in the conversation while working.  If you live outside Montreal, you can send a letter by post with a piece of fabric (any new or old fabric that fits in a standard letter size envelope) to:

Native Immigrant Project
4710 rue St-Ambroise, #336
Montreal, QC  H4C 2C7

The Charter of Immigrant Values

A large painting/mural will be completed by visitors of the exhibit  who wish to express how we as Native Immigrants, would like to be appreciated. This decorative and meaningful charter will later be donated to a deserving government institution.

How to participate:  Visit the exhibit and write your own addition to the Charter of Immigrant Values.  If you cannot attend the event, post your values on the front page of this  website in the comments section.

Native Immigrant Art Exhibit 

Where:  To be announced (Montreal, Quebec)

When:  October 24th to November 3rd

Vernissage:  October 24th, 5 – 8 PM

Hours:  Daily 12 – 8 PM (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

Collective Immigrant Dress Making Activity:  Thursday to Sunday from 4 – 6 PM (Free and open to all)

For more information, visit