TROVE - an exhibition by Carolina Echeverria and Julia Pomeroy

VERNISSAGE: APRIL 23, 2015 from 5 to 8 PM
Exhibition continues April 24 to May 5, 2015 (closed Sundays)
Visit: Julia C Pomeroy

TROVE - une exposition par Carolina Echeverria et Julia Pomeroy

VERNISSAGE: le 23 avril 2015, de 17h à 20h
Exposition continue du 24 avril au 5 mai 2015 (fermé les dimanches)
Visitez: Julia C Pomeroy

Native Immigrant :: Immigrant de souche

A project started by Carolina, Native Immigrant (NI) is two things: a rolling community arts project that began in Montreal, Quebec in 2013, and a provocative proposition that we all join forces in loving the land, rather than allowing economics, stereotypes or false categories to define us. NI is inclusive both as a project and as an idea. After all, other than First Nations, we are all immigrants, the only difference being the dates of our arrival.

The first Native Immigrant event, in the winter of 2013, was taking shape just as a new chapter in Quebec politics was also unfolding—the Charter of Values, an attempt by the provincial government to make us all “embrace” local values. Sadly, these values did not take into account the real make-up of today’s Quebec, a place where many cultures live together, in peace. The notion of “Quebecoi de Souche,” original Quebecer, makes no sense: Quebec’s roots are French; the only “souche” here, once again, are Native peoples, who, like immigrants, were being excluded from the discussion. So, I decided to translate Native-Immigrant into French as “Immigrant de Souche,” re-rooted immigrant, the one who is mindful of this land, who wants to connect to it. Once again, my intention was—is—to unify, and to put a stop to discriminatory practices and policies that define some as “in,” leaving others on the margins, detractors and outsiders.

Since then, there have been many more Native Immigrant events, the next one taking place in August 2015: Beadwork: Visions of Peace.

The Immigrant Dress :: La robe d'immigrant

First Native Immigrant Dress, 2013

First Native Immigrant Dress, 2013

An interactive and collective dress-making activity that takes places over all Native Immigrant events. place over a period of three weeks during the Native Immigrant Exhibit.

The idea: "I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to finally include immigrants in the dialogue. I invited the public to take part in a collective work of art based on my own and others’ experiences as newcomers to Canada. We are all immigrants like it or not. We just have different arrival dates." - Carolina

Download PDF of "Native Immigrant Dress" by Tais Costa

Download PDF of "Native Immigrant Dress" by Tais Costa

For all stories of the first Native Immigrant Dress (pictured left), download the book here:

Photos of Native Immigrant :: Photos des événements Immigrant de Souche

Other exhibitions :: Expositions variées

20.Maison de la Culture: En Migration.jpg
  • Permanent Collection at Richelieu Gallery, Montréal, Canada

  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile

  • Musée National d'Art a Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  • SOFA Chicago / SOFA Miami / SOFA New York / SOFA Palm Beach

  • Marta Hewett Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

  • Collective exhibition within the "Nuits d'Afrique" Festival, Montreal, Canada

  • "En migration", Maison de la Culture Point Aux Trembles, Montreal, Canada

  • Biennale de Grand Prix d'Excellence en Metal, Saskatoon, Canada

  • Devon House Crafts Gallery, St-John, Canada

  • Alberta Crafts Council Gallery, Edmonton, Canada

  • Des Mains de Maîtres, Palais des Congrès, Paris, France

  • Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h, Montreal, Canada

  • Objet-Passion, Musée d'Art Contemporain, Montreal, Canada

  • Centre Culturel Canadien, Paris, France

  • Galerie du Centre Culturel Franco Manitobain, Manitoba, Canada

  • Le Musée des Beaux Arts, Sherbrooke, Canada

  • Ann Natham Gallery, Chicago, USAMusée du Québec, Québec, Canada


Commissioned Works

2012  OLIOVALLE , Chile. 
An original painting was commissioned for the branding and label of a new brand of Olive Oil to come out in the international market in 2012 (La Constanza).

2011  RougeRouge, Saint Sauveur, Quebec, Canada.
A series of original paintings were commissioned for the branding and décor of this trendy shoe store.  

2011   Corporate Ethics International (USA) and Environmental Defence (Canada). A series of Ascot Hats were commissioned for a public campaign against tar sand oil:  Maple Beatrice, Tar and Feathers and Kate’s Road to Avonlea.

2011   Heels & HeART, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
The Annual Wearable Art Fashion Show is a unique fundraising event combining fashion and art to help make a difference. This glamorous soirée brings together fashionistas, art lovers and industry experts to be wowed by the creations of up-and-coming designers.  The competition is judged by a panel of industry experts and prizes are awarded for the top 3 designs. With a strong media presence and an impressive list of guests, the event is a great opportunity for emerging designers to showcase their creativity and gain recognition for their talent. All net proceeds from the event are donated to a benefiting charity (selected each year) to help support causes that are close to our hearts.


Several commissioned works by private collectors throughout Canada, Mexico, Israel, Chile, Europe and the United States.